What To Expect

It’s not difficult to stay superficially informed in the world of digital content. There are newsletters and websites abound that will give you a rapid rundown of these updates.

What’s not in abundance, in my humble opinion, is a practical analysis of that information all in one place. In other words, how do we, as content creators, apply this avalanche of news to our day-to-day workflow?

That’s where this newsletter comes in.

Paid Subscriber Testimonial

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Every Tuesday

A “tip of the week” (for all subscribers), plus an in-depth analysis (paid only) of a relevant topic in the world of content creation.

At least one of these will be related to Google Analytics 4 in every edition.

Every Friday

The week’s "top headlines”, but translated from jargon to something actionable.

Free subscribers will get the first two updates while paid subscribers will get all of them (usually between 6–10)

I’ll show you, with more than words, how to make your online life more efficient and stay ahead of your competitors, whether you’re a journalist, a marketer or a budding influencer.

This newsletter is NOT for…

  • An exhaustive rundown of the latest news in the world of content and digital strategy. You can get that elsewhere. I prefer to be selective and add actionable context than stuff everything I can find into an endless email.

  • Paid strategies: While I do have experience in the world of ad-buying (Google, Facebook, etc.), I prefer my referral traffic like my produce: organic. At least as the foundational component of a good audience development strategy.

  • Anyone looking for shallow, bombastic, microwave analysis. I want to feed you nutritious content, not take you on the sugar-high-then-crash roller coaster of empty words.

Free vs. Paid

Paid readers will also receive either a discount or free access – depending to your subscription level – to all online courses, which will be launching soon.

(Ask your employer about expensing a subscription!)

If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to see a sample of a full article that’s paywalled, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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